Unique Tropical Modern Living

The design of DAB Furniture embodies exquisiteness and durability that reflects
uniqueness in the concept of tropical modern living. Combining handcrafted
materials with contemporary designs, DAB Furniture is a celebration in the
practice of making. In the hands of Italian designer Walter Sartore, every piece is
created with careful attention to quality, functionality, color, and appearance
such that each product is unique and sturdy, comely, and reliable. The
manufacturer of this brand, PT Indo Java Abadi—based in Cirebon, West Java,
has a long experience in the furniture industry. Through continuous research
and experimentation, DAB constantly strives for knowledge and perfection in its
field, finding new and inventive solutions to suit the interaction of the product
with the climate, whether that involves the searing tropical sun rays, water from
the sea or swimming pool, rainfall, humidity or other factors. The rope is alive in
color and image, and the DAB concept was created with the foremost idea of
providing furnishing for wide-open outdoor spaces that would provide the style
and elegance of rope.

The Material

Our products use taut, clean, and highly tenacious rope made of 100%
polyester. What makes this material special is because the characteristic of
polyester that is extremely strong, very durable: resistant to most chemicals,
stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew, and abrasion-resistant. It is
hydrophobic in nature and quick drying. Polyester retains its shape and hence is
good for making outdoor furniture for harsh climates. Polyester has the lowest
stretch and best abrasion resistance, combined with excellent UV resistance.
Easily washed and dried, polyester can be dry-cleaned with no hassles. It is
suggested to use warm water and add fabric soap to the final rinse cycle. We are
an exclusive distributor for this kind of rope in the world, and we have signed an
agreement with the factory. We import the yarn from Italy and dye in Indonesia.
This unique alternative material was discovered for use in furniture by Walter
Sartore and his technical team over two years of research and experimentation,
applying a fusion of technical knowledge, curiosity, and imagination to the
primary substance (wood, metal, and fabric) of the home furnishing industry.
The rope itself is certified by Texted AG, a Swiss textile-testing institute. The high
tenacity, low shrinkage filament yarn meets all established ecological standards.
Each design is thoroughly tested, proven, and guaranteed.

The Design

The design of DAB combines rope with a selection of materials for the furniture
frames, including iron, teak, aluminum, and stainless steel. Customers can choose
what color to use for the rope from a wide variety of solid Pantone. The dyed
rope can then be fixed onto the furniture frames that suit their taste, resulting in
a brightly colored variety of elegant styles and designs. This combination of
materials makes DAB Furniture unique and different, overcoming traditional
barriers between interior and exterior spaces, creating innovative,
contemporary, and timeless design.

We guarantee the color of each piece used in an indoor setting for its lifetime.
When used outdoors, the furniture lasts longer with a canopy or window
protection. Under the full effects of the weather, outdoor use works best with
red, orange, green fluorescent, and yellow fluorescent colors. This furniture
stands up extremely well to sun and rain—good to know, given the extremes of
the tropical climate, and colors persist quite well over the years. There are other
brands on the market nowadays that propose products made of rope, but if any
of these companies suggest that their products will remain unaltered after
continued exposure to sunlight, rain, and the marine environment, they are
simply not telling you the truth.
For DAB Furniture, the premium is on honesty, quality, and reliability. The
company is devoted to presenting you with the best product possible. With many
of its excellent quality of outdoor and indoor furniture having been used at
luxurious and high-end locations, K2 has successfully won the IFFINA 2013
award for Best Innovative Project and IFFS Singapore for Best Exhibit in
2014, as well as IFEX Best Design award in 2014.

The Collection

From fashion chairs, tables, dining sets, chaise lounges, swings, footstools to
carpets,DAB provides miscellaneous products to furnish your property with
unique and elegant style.

About Founder

Walter Sartore can be defined as a visionary artist, a man who has dedicated his
entire life to personal work, giving his soul to different types of creations, from
fashion design, collaborating in Europe also with Mr. Renzo Rosso, up to the interior
design, a sector in which he discovers what made him the man he really is.
He has lived on the island of the Gods for several years. Bali has given him an essence
that has entered his soul, allowing him to create, after years of research
around the world, the dream of being able to create a unique and unprecedented
A clean design, the quality of the materials, attention to detail, and craftsmanship
have made his pieces unique and practically inimitable. Its soul can be read
through the essential play of the lines, in the unusual intersections of the strings,
in the choice and obsessive study of materials, and the extraordinary skill of its
His love is transmitted above all to them, who everyday support and support him
with extreme love in order to be able to give reality to each of his dreams